At times we have, or feel we have, unrealized potential – physically,
mentally, emotionally, spiritually and/ or functionally– to create a
better world.

I assist people to realize that potential with integrated touch, talk
and movement as a Presence in Healing teacher and therapist (massage
and physical) by creating events and offering sessions and classes.

Therapeutic Massage | Teaching Presence in Healing | Life Coaching – Living Life Support | Alo in Agua | Retreats and Intensives

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic whole body massage increases relaxation and physical awareness of the body while receiving compassionate touch and support where this may not have been experienced previously or recently. Swedish massage, deep tissue, myofascial, visceral and craniosacral techniques are used as indicated to meet the individual treatment needs of the client. Sessions are 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Teaching Presence in Healing

Sara Pierce is the founder and a practitioner of Presence in Healing, an integrative body of work which emphasizes the synergy of consciousness through the body to a more whole state or agreement, so that daily function and the creation of life as desired becomes congruent with desire.

Presence in Healing is the compiled work of Sara Pierce and multiple other healers who have chosen to share their gifts to others in the form of teaching through the body using forms of consciousness, thought, movement, development, family and community systems, daily practice and play.

The form of this work is through individual and group teaching with table sessions, classes, workshops and intensives. Each of these encourages the individual to discover for themselves, with the support of the teacher and experience, how to address whatever concern or expansion is requested. These requests may be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and or functional in nature. Ultimately we believe that all of this is manifested in the body and through movement as life and life purpose are created.

Individuals who wish to study this work are encouraged to design study which will best match their individual learning styles and the form which they would like to express Presence in Healing in. Individuals who have decided to bring this work into the world have come from a variety of backgrounds and professions. One of the wonderful gifts of this work is that it is fundamentally compatible with all types of work and living in the world with the underlying principle that first you must meet people “where they are at” before encouraging and supporting change without codependency. Because of this, whether one meets people using touch , talk, movement, play or recreation, all are useful entry points for Presence in Healing. The foundation of Presence in Healing is to become personally self aware, so that first and foremost what is taught is increasing awareness of self in order to support other.

Presence in Healing sessions specifically address multiple levels of consciousness (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic) in the body. By working with intention, touch and movement, clients are encouraged to be both occupied and aware of their bodies and to be in present time. This more holistic approach of increasing awareness of self specifically in relationship to the change imagined or requested, assists the individual to come to greater acceptance of “what is” and “what has been in”. The result of this brings greater creativity, vision and manifestation to life purpose (the life that we choose to create).

Presence in Healing experiential classes are offered to explore individual issues in a group setting those issues and emotions which are particularly relevant to the change process. The underlying theme of how habits are perpetuated in our bodies and how to insert conscious choice into these patterns are built into each class.

Life Coaching—Living Life Support

Life coaching is offered as a support to learning how to live a healthier life, which is in congruence with the desires of the individual without creating codependencies. This functional approach to self discovery is especially relevant in times of transition and stress. This is offered in direct one on one meetings, telephone appointment and online services to suit the individual needs of the client.

How would it have been for us to have parents who guided, coached, cheer led, and loved us enough to remember what we told them- so that we might remember and discover ways to navigate the circumstances of life so that we could discover our own truths.

Alo in Agua

Much of the early work of Sara Pierce occurred with children in the water, and so in partnership with Robin Matthews, they brought Presence in Healing to the water- in pools and in the oceans of the world. Alo in Agua offers the experience of having the water be the “table” so that movement which is not possible in greater gravity becomes more possible and in turn creates greater possibility. Each session involves gentle movement and touch in therapeutically warm pools or in the insulation of wetsuits in the ocean. You can find more information at the sister site –

Retreats and Intensives

Retreats and Intensives are offered to individuals and groups often combining some or all of the areas of Sara’s work. These are custom designed programs that are of a variety of duration (1 day, 3 day, 5 day, 1-3 months) Through Blue Water Intentions, specific Alo in Agua retreats are offered annually in Florida and Hawaii.

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